Oesophageal Cancer News - Spring 2017

Lollipop Day 2017: Help support Oesophageal Cancer Research in Ireland

Lollipop Day 2017 is almost upon us. On the 3rd - 4th March 2017, please help us fundraise to support Oesophageal cancer research in Ireland. The Oesophageal Cancer Fund has raised €2.2 million to date and has provided almost €1 million of these funds for Clinical research in the main Clinical Academic Cancer Centres for upper Gastrointestinal cancers across Ireland. Find out how your donations are going a long way »

Q&A with Dr Jacintha

Your greatest achievement has been to help us establish Ireland's national Barrett's Oesophagus Registry & Biobank. Dr Jacintha O'Sullivan explains how you are saving lives by funding this register every year... Find out more »








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A little lolly goes a long way
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